Residential steel framing in Salem, Oregon

Steel Framing Staircase

If you have considered framing your home or new addition with metal studs, our Salem, Oregon steel framing contractors would be happy to share our experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision for your budget and needs.

Framing a residence with metal instead of traditional wood material has many advantages (see below). If you are building a new house or renovating, steel framing is a solid choice.

In fact, we believe steel framing will soon overtake wooden framing in popularity. This is your chance to get out in front of the trend and invest in a product that will add value to your home and likely save you money in the long run.

Our licensed and insured framing professionals specialize in laying the framework for walls that separate rooms and dropped ceilings. We take immense pride in the many projects we have completed over the past two decades in the Salem, OR region.

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Benefits of metal stud framing for your home

When a homeowner is renovating or building on their property, steel framing can be a terrific option. There are several obvious benefits for using metal studs for your house. They include:

Consistent shape: wood is better than it used to be, but it still bends. The strength of metal studs stands up to any pressure.

Durability: Metal does not shrink or split. Air quality and humidity have zero effect on steel, so it stays strong much longer than wood.

Affordability: You might be surprised, but steel studs are comparable in pricing to wood framing. There are a few more pieces involved in steel framing, such as tracks and grommets, but the longevity of the material makes metal a superior value.

Fireproof: When a fire occurs in your home, the structural integrity of metal framing will likely help reduce damage. In the event of a major fire, you might rebuild without having to start over with framing.

Insect-resistant: termites and other pests feed on wood. If they intrude on your walls, it can cost thousands in removal and restoration. Pests do not attack steel framing.

Rot-resistant: Like pests, moisture has zero effect on metal studs. Steel will never rot and need to be replaced, even if your house is subject to water leaks or rain storm damage.

Our framing installation process

The process of installing metal stud framing is very much the same as what is done with wood. Our contractors position tracks that are attached to the ceiling and floor. The studs fit within these tracks. Tracks simplify the process of aligning the vertical studs, so the work is completed at a faster rate than it would be with wood.

While metal framing eliminates many of the common problems often associated with wood studs, parts of the installation use wood. Our pros used wood to level the framing on unlevel floors and frame around windows and doors. The metal framing work we deliver will be more dependable and long-lasting.

You can trust our crew with your modern metal stud framing project for your home or commercial business.

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